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Cargill, Fargo partner on gas pipeline project

MINNEAPOLIS - August 7, 2002 - Cargill has partnered with the city of Fargo to capture methane gas from the city's landfill to help power Cargill's local oilseed-processing plant. Company officials announced that the completed pipeline is now online, helping reduce Cargill's dependence on natural gas while addressing a chronic odor problem for nearby city residents. Cargill West Fargo Facility Manager Tom Katalinich said that landfill gas sourcing is one of a number of environmental initiatives that Cargill is pursuing, along with development of biodegradable plastics and extensive land reclamation projects in its fertilizer business.

"Cargill is constantly seeking new ways to operate plants in a more efficient and environmentally sound manner," said Katalinich. "When we figured out a way to convert landfill gas into a useable energy source, we worked closely with city officials to help turn a promising idea into reality."

Cargill extended a pipeline from its plant to Fargo city property and worked with city officials and the consulting firm Wenck & Associates to assist the city in building a connecting pipeline to the landfill. As the landfill grows over the next 20 years, Cargill expects its methane gas production to increase to the point where the company could entirely eliminate its use of natural gas under an exclusive power-sourcing arrangement with the city of Fargo.

"Not only does the pipeline help reduce landfill odor emissions, but it generates revenue for the city from a waste product," said Bruce Grubb, Director of the City of Fargo's Enterprise Department. "This is an example of industry and government partnering to address a major problem with an innovative solution."

Cargill has engineered a similar landfill gas energy sourcing solution for its Fayetteville, N.C. oilseed processing operation.

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