“President‘‘s Choice” launches an expanded “PC GREEN” product range, including the introduction of the Reusable Shopping Bag – “Canada‘‘s Greenest Shopping Bag” Made from 85-per-cent post-consumer recycled materials, it is the greenest reusable shopping bag available in Canada.

The sale of the bag is expected to divert at least one-billion single-use plastic bags from landfill in 2007 alone. This announcement coincides with new President‘‘s Choice/Ipsos Reid research, which suggests the majority of Canadians feel personally responsible for preserving and protecting the environment, but 40 per cent aren‘‘t making the grade when it comes to their own personal performance.

“Canada‘‘s Greenest Shopping Bag” is made from six 500-mL or two 2-L plastic beverage bottles and is fully recyclable, including all tags, threading and handles. Upon the end of its useful life (approximately 50 shopping trips or one year of shopping), consumers are encouraged to return bags to the store for re-recycling – into more reusable bags. Weekly use of one PC GREEN Reusable Shopping Bag is expected to divert 100 plastic shopping bags from Canada‘‘s landfills in one year.

The bag is twice the size of conventional plastic bags, holding up to 10 kg. It retails for $0.99, and for each bag or PC GREEN Box consumers use at store, they receive 50 PC Points when paying for their groceries with their PC Financial MasterCard or bank card. This points offer extends to all reusable bags and bins, including competitors‘‘ reusable bags.

Research findings

The launch of an expanded PC GREEN line is in response to increased consumer demand for environmentally improved products and the recognition that “Something Must Be Done(TM).” The survey reveals that the majority of Canadians agree; however, there continues to exist a significant component of society considered “environmentally hostile.” Highlights include:

Nine out of 10 Canadians feel personally accountable for preserving or protecting the environmen

Almost half of Canadians give themselves a “B” for environmental performance, one third a “C” and one in 20 a failing grade; only one in 10 earns top marks.

The majority of Canadians are willing to make small changes to make a real difference, such as using green products, washing clothes in cold water, recycling, and reducing electricity consumption.

Yet, there continue to be hold-outs – almost one in 10 aren‘‘t likely to use reusable bags, one in 20 won‘‘t purchase products that are better for the environment or wash clothes in cold water and more than half refuse to take public transit.

Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada‘‘s largest food distributor and a leading provider of general merchandise, drugstore and financial products and services and is one of the largest private-sector employers in Canada, employing over 139,000 full-time and part-time employees

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