WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) has launched a major project designed give the UK Magazine industry a new impetus to extend its use of recycled content paper. It will provide a solid commercial and environmental case to accelerate take-up across the industry and encourage further investment in recycled magazine paper mills.

Following on from its ‘‘Phase 1 – A Review of Opportunities and Potential Barriers to Using Recycled Content Magazine Paper‘‘, this second phase will run commercial trials and develop case studies. The aim is to arm publishers with the practical information and confidence needed to increase their use of recycled content.

Mike Burgess, Paper Technical Manager at WRAP, says:

“Currently magazine publishing in the UK consumes around one million tonnes of paper per annum, and only a small fraction (1-3%) contains recycled content. We are investigating the scope to increase the proportion of recycled fibre used by magazine publishing to ensure long-term end markets for recovered fibre. Increased demand and use of recycled content paper will increase the diversion of paper from landfill, and improve the likelihood of investment in new recycled content paper capacity. “

To help fuel demand, phase two of the project will provide a detailed insight into the advantages and disadvantages of using recycled content papers. It will provide an assessment of risk factors associated with a change in paper as well as highlighting practical measures that can mitigate any disadvantages to using recycled papers. The project will include:

Practical print trials using recycled content paper on a range of web and sheetfed scenarios to collect both technical and cost information to allow publishers to confidently specify the use of papers with recycled content.

Production of case studies showing the experiences of a number of printers and publishers using recycled paper for a range of applications. These will provide a comprehensive perspective on the decision making processes and issues surrounding the choice and regular use of recycled papers.

Investigation into the impact of increased recycled content magazine paper on the UK recycled Newsprint industry

Recommendations on the ‘‘route forward‘‘ for magazine publishers in the UK to use more recycled content paper

Pira International has been appointed to undertake the work on behalf of WRAP. A steering team made up of Pira International, WRAP, the PPA, EMAP, Reed Business Publishing, Redwood, Hello Magazine, Polestar, Pensord Limited, NPA (Newspaper Publishers Association) and UPM will continue to oversee the project, ensuring industry input

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WARMER BULLETIN ENEWS #18-2007-May 04, 2007
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