Toronto homeowners will feel it in the wallet if they put out more than a bag of garbage every two weeks if measures approved unanimously yesterday by a key city committee win council approval next month. The Toronto Globe & Mail reports that under new user fee rules slated for mid-2008, the average Toronto household would pay an extra C$62 a year. Those who fail to recycle would pay more, while dedicated recyclers would see costs rise less quickly.

The new “pay-as-you-throw” strategy is part of a wide-ranging package, including the extension of green bin organic recycling for high-rises starting in mid-2008, adopted by the executive committee to divert 70 per cent of city waste from landfill by 2010, up from 42 per cent today. But several critics denounced the new fee as an extra tax on homeowners.

Under the proposal, homeowners would select one of four garbage bins to be supplied by the city, with fees tied to the size. Instead of including garbage collection in the overall property tax, the city would charge a separate levy to spur recycling.

Citing similar efforts in other cities, including Vancouver, city officials assume a household that actively recycles needs only a 75-litre bin, equivalent to one large green garbage bag, and would pay no extra charge. A household that uses a 120-litre “cart,” equivalent to 11/2 green garbage bags, would pay C$41 a year more than the current average bill of C$209 a year.

Larger households that need a 240-litre cart, the equivalent of three bags, would pay an extra C$101 a year, while those who need the largest cart, 360 litres (or 41/2 bags) would pay an extra C$151 a year. The city lacks the authority to take garbage collection off the property tax, but would levy the proposed new fees and provide rebates

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