Aluminium can recycling – Brazil sets pace

“In 1997, Brazil recycled a record 64 per cent of aluminium cans, ahead of wealthier countries such as France, UK and Australia. Brazilian non-profit recycling association Cempre reports that 61.700 tons of aluminium (4,1 billions cans) were collected in 1997, a growth of 50 per cent in a single year (up from 40.700 tons – 2,7 billion cans – in 1996). The Brazilian Aluminium Association estimates that more than 100.000 people live exclusively from the collection of cans for recycling, receiving an average monthly income of around US$330”

Ano da Publicação: 1999
Fonte: Warme Bulletin - march 1999
Autor: J. H. Penido
Email do Autor:

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