China drafts law to control pollution

China drafts law to control pollution

China is planning environmental regulations which will include waste-related topics. The Xinhua news agency reports that China will legislate to encourage clean production and control pollution brought about by its rapid economic expansion.

The draft clean production law, tabled to the NPC Standing Committee for its first deliberation, announces three types of requirements, namely, directive requirements, compulsory requirements and voluntary requirements.

The compulsory requirements include recycling of some specified products and packaging, and for polluters to make regular reports on emissions.

The draft law also advocates some preferential measures for those who adopt the clean production model, such as preferential loans and tax cuts or exemptions. China started to promote clean production in 1993 and the concept was being trialled in 24 provinces, municipalitis and autonomous regions across the country

Ano da Publicação: 2002
Fonte: Warmer Bulletin News Letter
Autor: J. Penido

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