Edmonton, Canada – partners create international centre of excellence in waste management

Edmonton Alberta claims to have become North America’s hub for research in solid waste and wastewater treatment with the incorporation of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence.

Partners in the venture include the City of Edmonton, the University of Alberta (U of A), the Alberta Research Council, AMEC, Olds College and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

The Centre’s purpose is to advance research and technology and share waste management knowledge that will improve the sustainability of urban areas throughout the world. Several research projects focused on composting and advanced technology to improve wastewater effluent are already underway.

“Edmonton’s modern facilities and our combined expertise make this one of the world’s most innovative environments for sustainable urban waste management,” said Dr. Leonard, a U of A professor seconded to the Centre for three years. “I see tremendous opportunity to attract research and also to transfer that research to the real world where waste management is a growing issue.”

Construction will begin this year on two research facilities that will augment existing partner facilities – a $4.4 million solid waste facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, and a $4 million facility for wastewater treatment technologies at the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant. Both are funded through the Infrastructure Canada-Alberta Programme.

Most of the research undertaken to date is compost-related, and some of these may well interest you. As ever, you can get them from the source cited, or let me know and I will email them over (note the size of some files).

Research carried out at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence and by its partners has already contributed significantly to the understanding of sustainable urban waste management. These publications include:

Large-scale Compost Curing (1.6 Mb)

Dr. Salim A. Aboud P

resentation to 2002 Compost Council of Canada Conference Halifax, Nova Scotia


Greenhouse Gases and Waste Management (4.7 Mb)

Dr. Salim A. Aboud

Presentation to 2002 Recycling Council of Alberta Conference Kananaskis, Alberta


The Design of a Modified Air Pycnometer to Measure the FAS and Bulk Density of Compost (1.0 Mb)

J. Agnew and J. Leonard

Presentation to Agricultural Institute of Canada 2002 Meeting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


The Effect of MSW Compost on Wheat, Barley and Canola in Gray Luvisolic Soils of Alberta (Annual Report) (1.0 Mb)

Dr. Mingchu Zhang, Dr. Heaney, E Solberg, B. Henriquez (Date: 1998 Note: The City of Edmonton purchased the Edmonton Composting Facility from the TransAlta Enterprises Corporation in 2001)


Erosion of Foreign Matter from Soil Amended with Municipal Solid Waste Compost (1.5 Mb)

N. Page and J. Leonard

Presentation to 2002 International Symposium on Composting and Compost Utilization in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.


Agronomic Values of Compost PDF (4.0 Mb)

Dr. Mingchu Zhang

Presentation to 2002 Compost Marketing and Research Workshop Edmonton, Alberta



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