First UK Construction and Demolition Waste Eco-Site opened

Brian Wilson MP, Minister for Construction and Energy, today visited Greenwich, London to open the first Construction and Demolition Waste Eco Site of its kind in the UK.

Britain’s building industry is a major extractor of raw materials and annually produces over 14 million tonnes of waste in London alone. Whilst a lot of this waste is redirected and put to secondary use, the majority ends up as low value, bulk fill. London Remade’s pioneering new Eco Site is unique, as it reprocesses large quantities of construction debris for re-use in concrete production, thus bringing a more economically valuable recycled product to the marketplace.

More than GBP7m has been invested in the Construction and Demolition Waste Eco Site, together with its neighbouring Glass Eco Site. London Remade has invested over £1m of this, including awards from the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and Single Regeneration Budget (SRB), which is administered by the London Development Agency (LDA).

The new London Remade Eco Site has been set a target of creating and retaining 350 jobs over its project lifetime, bringing significant social and environmental regeneration to the area. It has brought a range of other immediate environmental benefits to the local Greenwich area – the land used to build the facility was a previously despoiled site, which has seen subsequent regeneration. Also, its riverside location aims to encourage river transport in the Capital and minimise the adverse environmental effects associated with industrial road haulage.

Ano da Publicação: 2003
Fonte: WARMER BULLETIN ENEWS #12-2003: April 7, 2003
Autor: Kit Strange (Warmer Bulletin)
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