New technique transforming residual material into base material

A Thermal Conversion Installation (TCI) has been opened at AVR-AVIRA in Duiven, the Netherlands. This installation transforms residual material from the paper industry into a base material for the building trade, Topcrete.

This technique is claimed to be the first of its type in the world. The TCI is an initiative of CDEM Holland BV, a joint effort of four paper companies (Celtona, Papierfabriek Doetinchem, Edet, and Mayr Melnhof Eerbeek). In view of the Dutch ban on paper residue dumping – which became effective in September 2001 – paper companies have been searching for a solution for this residue problem for years. Together with the University of Twente, the companies developed this installation on their own initiative, finding the waste and environmental group AVR prepared to act as a partner for its exploitation and management. More than EUR20 million were invested in the TCI and the installation provides work for seven employees.

With the opening of TCI, the Netherlands will have a solution for 200,000 tonnes of paper pulp residue per year. Via a thermal process in a fluidised bed furnace, this residue is used to produce 40,000 tonnes of Topcrete?. The process produces heat, which is transformed into steam that is used to produce ‘green electricity’ supplied to the public power network. Many sustainable applications have already been found for the cement-like binding agent Topcrete?, for example as a replacement for primary basic materials or as a stabilizer in the building industry.

Ano da Publicação: 2002
Fonte: Warmer Bulletin Enews #45-2002
Autor: Kit Strange, Warmer Bulletin
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