New US study for environmental paper industry

New US study for environmental paper industry

Market demand for environmental office and printing papers is lagging,
and a new US “listening study” intends to find out why.

The study, funded through a grant from the US Environmental Protection
Agency will provide a comprehensive “snapshot” of the industry and its
markets, in order to reveal the basis for the obstacles slowing market
development. It is also expected to provide a comprehensive foundation
for understanding and discussing the issues, as well as recommend
courses of action to further work on resolving the underlying barriers.
The study will include as wide a range of participants as possible,
including collaborators in gathering perspectives and information.

The Recycled Paper Coalition, a group of more than 250 major
corporations and organisations such as Bank of America, Hewlett
Packard, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, and Walt Disney Company that are
dedicated to increasing recycled paper use, will collaborate in
researching issues blocking market development.

Starting with a list of nearly 100 questions reflecting issues and
controversies within the environmental paper field, Conservatree* will
gather perspectives from all interested and involved parties on the
questions of concern to them. It will also identify as much relevant
research and technology as possible. This study is not intended to
decide which perspective is ‘right,’ but rather to give equal and
respectful representation to each opinion that impacts an issue. We
hope to help make it more possible for people with differences of
opinion to work together on achieving an environmentally and
economically sustainable paper production system for the future.”

*Conservatree is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing
comprehensive information and tools for purchasers to make informed
choices in environmental papers. Further information is at

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Fonte: Warmer Bulletin enews #4 2002
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