South Australian landfill tax to fund waste reduction

The South Australian Government has recently announced that it is to establish Zero Waste South Australia (ZWSA), a statutory waste body charged with dramatically reducing waste to landfill. It will be funded through a rise in the Waste Depot Levy (from AU$3/ tonne to AU$10/ tonne).

The Zero Waste New Zealand Trust reports that the money raised through increases to the levy will be used for initiatives that focus on waste avoidance, reduction, recycling, reuse and recovery.

The formation of ZWSA provides a new legislative framework under which the Government can work with the private sector and Local Government to drive a new and integrated strategy for waste reduction in this state.

These programmes will provide a springboard for new businesses, job opportunities and the provision of more equitable recycling services for South Australians. Reforms also include establishing local government waste management groups to improve coordination of waste service activities and achieve economies of scale and development of a State Waste Strategy. The Local Government Association of South Australia has applauded the Government’s efforts and recognise the benefits that the extra $2 million per year will provide to councils and communities.

Ano da Publicação: 2003
Fonte: Warmer Bulletin #07-2003: March 2003
Autor: Kit Strange (Warmer Bulletin)
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