US Chelsea Center publishes Massachusetts directory of recycled products manufacturers

Recycled product manufacturers are changing the way goods are produced, by utilising creative manufacturing techniques, minimising impact on the environment, and developing new markets and uses based on materials that would otherwise become waste.

Massachusetts has set an ambitious goal of reducing its waste by 70% by the year 2010, potentially making close to 9 million tons of materials available that can be re-made into new products. According to a study completed in June 2000 by RW Beck for the Northeast Recycling Council, almost 15,000 people are employed in recycling related manufacturing, remanufacturing or reuse in the Commonwealth, creating a wide variety of products for consumers and businesses.

In 2002, the Chelsea Center surveyed the Massachusetts manufacturers in its database known to use recyclable materials as all or part of their manufacturing feedstock. The purpose of the survey was to update the Massachusetts Directory of Recycled Product Manufacturers, and to gather additional information to be used for industry analysis and programme development by the Chelsea Center. This directory is the result of the many innovative and visionary businesses in Massachusetts using a variety of recycled material sources, diverting waste from landfills, and creating new economic value and wealth through smart and environmentally beneficial manufacturing.

For additional information about the survey and recycled product manufacturing in Massachusetts refer to the article in the Appendix, The Present and Future of Manufacturing with Recyclables in Massachusetts.

The guide (0.6MB) is available from the Chelsea Center’s website at:

Ano da Publicação: 2003
Fonte: Warmer Bulletin #07-2003: March 2003
Autor: Kit Strange (Warmer Bulletin)
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