Baseline – new methodology

Project participants may propose a new baseline methodology established in a transparent and
conservative manner. In developing a new baseline methodology, the first step is to identify the most
appropriate approach for the project activity and then an applicable methodology. Project participants
shall submit a proposal for a new methodology to a designated operational entity by forwarding a
completed “Proposed New Methodology: Baseline (CDM-NMB)” along with a completed “Proposed
New Methodology: Monitoring (CDM-NMM)” and the Project Design Document (CDM-PDD) with
sections A to E completed in order to demonstrate the application of the proposed new methodology to a
proposed project activity.
The proposed new methodology will be treated as follows: If the designated operational entity
determines that it is a new methodology, it will forward, without further analysis, the documentation to
the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall expeditiously, if possible at its next meeting but not
later than four months review the proposed methodology. Once approved by the Executive Board it shall
make the approved methodology publicly available along with any relevant guidance and the designated
operational entity may proceed with the validation of the project activity (applying the approved
methodology) and submit the project design document for registration. In the event that the COP/MOP requests the revision of an approved methodology, no CDM project activity may use this methodology.
The project participants shall revise the methodology, as appropriate, taking into consideration any
guidance received.

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