Issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs)

Issuance of CERs refers to the instruction by the Executive Board to the CDM registry administrator to
issue a specified quantity of CERs for a project activity into the pending account of the Executive Board
in the CDM registry, in accordance with paragraph 66 and Appendix D of the CDM modalities and
Upon issuance of CERs, the CDM registry administrator shall, in accordance with paragraph 66 of CDM
modalities and procedures, promptly forward the CERs to the registry accounts of project participants
involved, in accordance with their request, having deducted the quantity of CERs corresponding to the
share of proceeds to cover administrative expenses for the Executive Board and to assist in meeting costs
of adaptation for developing countries vulnerable to adverse impacts of climate change, respectively, in
accordance with Article 12, paragraph 8, to the appropriate accounts in the CDM registry for the
management of the share of proceeds.

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